Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hello students, are you ready for the next lesson??? Now I will give you some exercises to make sure you will remember well the lesson that   I thought you..


Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions.

Misha loved to play violin. She had three 

violins ..... her house. She has had her first 

violin ..... the age of two and a half. As

soon as she got home ..... school, she would

take it out ..... its case and play a little

tune before she had her lunch. She loved 

admiring her violins and would play them all 

.....corner of her room. Since her 

favourite was the tiniest one, she would wrap 

it ..... in a piece of silk cloth after she 

was done playing ..... it to preserve its 

shine appearance. All of her violins were 

precious to her and she would lean them gently 

..... the wall ..... the day and put them 

..... the shelf at night. That is why until 

now, all her violins still look like they are 

new brand. 

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